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Kolbrin Bible

The Kolbrin is a collection of ancient manuscripts said to have been salvaged from the Glastonbury Abbey arson in 1184. The Kolbrin is also said to have had a connection to Jesus, historically through his Great-Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. This Culdian Trust version of The Kolbrin was publically disclosed online by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S. Chapters from The Kolbrin are made available on this website only with direct approval from the Culdian Trust.

It has been rumored that Nikola Tesla acquired some knowledge from this book according to James McCanney. In the past, only a very select few, some might say an elite group, have had access to this book.  Now, the current caretakers of this ancient knowledge believe ''these are the days of decision, when humankind stands at the crossroad,'' and are making the book available subject to explicit conditions. is currently the largest online source of information regarding the Kolbrin and Kailedy Manuscripts, it is not the official website of the Culdian Trust, but we have worked in close communication with the Culdian Trust in an effort to provide this partial electronic rendition of their original translation (also notably the first Kolbrin ever published and made available to the public in modern history).

The Kolbrin is printed in New Zealand by the Culdian Trust, and they remain responsible for it. The Culdian Trust believe that they are the of inheritors of the ancient wisdom of the Culdees of Britain who were part of the British or Keltic Christian community prior to its romanisation under Augustine, after which it suffered severely through persecution and suppression. However, it survived to a greater or lesser degree until the great persecutions of the late Middle Ages, when the flame was further extinguished, leaving only a few sparks surviving to kindle the present revival.

The Culdian Celestial Age Trust do not refer to the Kolbrin as a "Bible" and do not agree that it is a version of the 'Old Testament' on the grounds that it is clearly not the history of the Jewish people.

From combined research, the origins of The Kolbrin can be traced back to a large collection of manuscripts salvaged from Glastonbury Abbey during an arson attack that was intended to destroy them.  It was the time of history when there was a great suppression of monasterys. As fate would have it, the once considered heretical works were transcribed on bronze tablets by the religious druids of the time. Since they were thought to be destroyed during the fire, they were preserved in secrecy.

Since then, much of the original text was lost or destroyed due to the passage of time, their environment and human error.  Each caretaker though, has gone to painstaking efforts to preserve what was left and to fill in the gaps with the correct knowledge in order to preserve the original meaning.

During the early fourteenth century, John Culdy, the leader of a small community in Scotland, owned The Kolbrin and took steps to ensure its survival beyond his care.

The Kolbrin eventually became known as The Bronzebook of Britain, and the contents of additional salvaged manuscripts known as The Coelbook were later incorporated into it to form the modern version.

In the early parts of the twentieth century, the responsibility of The Kolbrinís preservation rested with a small religious group in England that never gained much power due their very restrictive membership requirements.

In the years leading up to the First World War, only two copies of The Kolbrin existed in book form, written in biblical English.  Only part of the original survived to the Second World War, when the books were thought to be worthless junk and thrown out by their owners, only to be saved by fate then discarded again as works of the devil, and salvaged by destiny before any irreparable damage was done.

Until 1995, The Kolbrin was in the care of The Hope Trust, of which little is known. There is currently a Hope Trust registered in NZ but they have nothing to do with the Kolbrin, nor did they have anything to do with it. The current custodian is The Culdian Trust, which was formed in 1980.  The Culdian Trust inherited The Kolbrin and other books when the Hope Trust was deregistered around 1995 in accordance with its constitution.  Around 1992, an elderly man from the Hope Trust who is now deceased put together the current draft from the originals. His character, reputation and relatives are still living.  He was an extremely private man while alive and the trust are respecting his wishes with regard to continued privacy.

The Culdian Trust members did not get to see the original manuscripts on which the most recent version ofThe Kolbrin was derived, nor do they understand how they came into the elderly man's possession or where he sent the originals upon completion.  They believe, based on speculation, that he may have been a member of a hermetic order probably based in England, so the original manuscripts may have gone back there.  Despite the continued ambiguity of The Kolbrinís origins, a Culdian Trust representative that knew the man for approximately twenty years held him in high regard and found him to be a man of extremely high integrity.

I have the 'Read It Online' content in a javascript pop-up because obviously i can remove the ease for people to copy portions of the text via the view source buttons in the file menu etc by opening a new window instance. There is no spyware or malicious code.

I am covering myself legally and morally - i have done everything I can to prevent large portions of this kolbrin text from being pirated. I have an obligation to the trust, and the law, I wish to honor these values.

I am personally interested in the Kolbrin and it's content. I would put the whole kolbrin online if I had permission from the trust, but i don't. So this led to only portions of the book being on the site. I thought that I might as well make the Kolbrin available for online purchase. It is a secure and easy way to purchase. This just makes the Kolbrin a little more accessible for people that are searching for the original version.

Unfortunately at this time the Culdian Trust Hard Cover version of the Kolbrin is not cheap. The book weighs alot... 443 pages, hardcover, layers of packaging. The Kolbrin has a gold inlay and a Keltic symbol on the front cover. This site is maintained and updated regulary and has not be created by a member of the Culdian Trust, but they have kindly given us direct permission to distribute to those who contact us regarding their publications.


The Kolbrin Bible is presented as a collection of ancient biblical documents. It consists of two parts, covered in eleven books. The first six books are called the "Egyptian texts" or The Kolbrin and are reportedly written by Egyptian academics following the Hebrew Exodus. The last five books are called the "Celtic texts" of The Gospel of the Kailedy which are said to be taken down by Celtic priests after the crucifixion of Jesus. The book is also called the Bronze Book of Britain.



The claim goes that it was opposed by Edward the First (Longshanks) in 1184 AD, but this seems to be an anachronism because Edward I lived later (1239-1307). The story further says it was presumed to be destroyed in the burning of Glastonbury Abbey in England at the time. Edward wanted to destroy the Kolbrin believing it to be an heretical work, a rival of the Holy Bible and a potential threat to his rightful claim as the King of England. It was considered heretical because it contains alternate historical accounts of the Exodus. The once considered heretical work was (partly) preserved though and transcribed on bronze tablets by the religious druids of the time, a reference and practice considered unlikely and uncommon for that period. Ever since the book has been cherished by secretive groups.

Druid ritualAnachronisms and other difficulties
The fire at Glastonbury Abbey did occur in 1184 (1) However, the rest of "history" attributed to the Kolbrin is riddled with historical improbabilities and anachronisms:

Druidism was long extinct by the time of its alleged transcription, and that inscribing on bronze tablets was not a normal writing practice at the time. There is a notion though of modern druidism and similar intelligent design -oriented ritualism in illuminati-type of sects like the Rosicrucians and the Free Masons. This makes it probable that the whole story is a modern illuminati invention or recreation, presented with a poor respect of historical factuality. The practice of modern druid forgery of so-called classical texts is known e.g. from Iolo Morganwg (1747-1826), who played a role in creating modern bardic ritual and philosophy. Maybe the Kolbrin was of his hand for he claimed that the ancient druidic tradition had survived intact in Wales, despite the Roman conquest, Christianity, the persecution of the bards under King Edward I, and other adversities. The King Edward I -theme appears in the presentation of the Kolbrin, thus delivering proof of the possible hand of master forger.
King Edward I (1239-1307) lived much later than the Glastonbury fire, so could not have sought to suppress the book in 1184. This is an obvious anachronism.
The English monasteries were suppressed in the late 1530s (see Dissolution of the Monasteries), not in the late 12th century - another blatant anachronism.


Until 1995, the Kolbrin was in the care of The Hope Trust, a group of which little is known. There are now two published versions known: one of Yow World Books in America and a version of the Culdean Trust home in New Zealand. The suggestion is that there are presumably also isolated copies in Lebanon, England and the Vatican.



Claiming to be an ancient document with the status of modern pseudepigrapha like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi, the book is part of different modern day cults and internet sites concerned with global catastrophy, end time scenarios, intelligent design, planet X, Nibiru and other occult interests. The book, also because of its modern orthography, is next to the suspicion of being a modern druid forgery by Iolo Morganwg suspected to be an elaborate illuminati hoax in support of the claims made by these websites.

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